About District

JAMUI was formed as a District on 21st February, 1991 as a result of its separation from Munger. It is located at a Longitude of 86º-13’E and the latitude of 24º-55’N.


Its parent district Munger in North. Giridih and Deoghar district of Jharkhand State in South bound Jamui district. It is bound in East by Banka and Deoghar and in the west by Nawada & Giridih. The geographical area of the Jamui district is 3122.80 sq. km.


Most of the part of the district has hilly topography. Western portion of Jamui like Sikandra Jamui & a little part of Khaira has plain area. Sikandra block is situated in alluvial zone. A sizeable part of the district comprise plains which are paddy-growing lands. Sourthern part of the district is covered with hills and forest characteristically reminiscent of the Chhotanagpur plateau in physical features. Hills of the district are considered to be the out –laying extension of Vindhya Range. Southwest part of the district has another block of hills known as Gidheswar Pahar


Kiul and Ulai River are the chief rivers of the district. Beside these rivers, tributaries and sub tributaries, rainy rivers flow in scattered way. There are three major irrigation dams Garhi, Nagi & Nakti Dam situated in the southern hilly terrain of the district. Nagi & Nakti Dam are declared as Bird Sanctuary.


Jamui River Map