Places of Interest

Jain Mandir Lachhuar

This is a large and old rest house(Dharmsala) of 65 rooms constructed for the Jain Pilgrims. There is a Mandir of Lord Mahavira inside the Dhamsala. The idol in this temple is more than 2,600 years old. This black stone idol is of weighs around 250 kg. This is situated on the way of kshatriya Kund Gram, the birthplace of LordMahavira. This place is located in Sikandra Block which is approx 20 km. west from Jamui District Headquarter.

Giddheswar Temple

Famous temple of lord Shiva situated on the top of stone boulders. It 15 km south from the district headquarter.

Simultalla Hill Station

This place is famous for its beautiful scenic hills and pleasant weather.It is supposed to be the Tapo-Bhumi of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhans, who founded TaraMath of Devi Bhagvati.

Kali Mandir Malaypur

Temple of goddess Kali is situated at village Malaypur, block Barhat. A very famous festival known as Kali Mela is held every year at this place. The temple is just near by the Railway station, Jamui.

Minto Tower Gidhaur

Minto tower was built by the Maharaja of Gidhaur in 1909 to commemorate the visit of the then British Viceroy Lord Irwin to Gidhaur. It is in the middle of Gidhaur Market on the main Jamui-Jhajha state highway.

Patneswar Mandir

This is famous temple of lord Shiva situated on the way of Station Road Jamui. It is about 5 km north from the district headquarter Jamui.

Maa Netula Temple

This is famous Temple of Maa Ambe Situated at village kumar, block sikandra. it is about 26 km west form the district headquarter jamui bihar.

Bhim Bandh

It is located between Lakshmipur and Haveli Kharagpur Jungle. So many source of hot water at this place. This is a famous picnic spot in winter season from October to February.